Filtration modules. Microfiltration in filtration modules (FM) is a baromembrane process occurring at a pressure of not more than 0.2÷0.3 MPa. In tangential filtration mode, water is separated from particles of emulsions and suspensions (organic macromolecules - humic acids), colloidal and suspended substances, which results in a significant clarification of water. Filtration modules are a block of parallel and serially connected, fixedly fixed tubular membranes of the cartridge type. In filter tubes made of specially selected synthetic polymeric materials and designed to work under pressure, water flows in high-speed flow, providing self-washing of surfaces, into tubular membranes, where under the action of pressure difference it seeps through the walls of the tubes. Separated from suspension, it gets inside the case and then goes outside. Its other part, concentrating, moves to the next membrane cartridge and undergoes a similar separation.. 

Baromembrane treatment

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Application area:


- Getting drinking water from surface or groundwater sources;

- Preparation of feed water in industry and energy;

- Preliminary water purification for desalination systems;

- Treatment and purification of industrial and municipal wastewater;