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«Etech Engineering Ltd» (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a specialized engineering company for the development, design, manufacture and implementation of new industrial technologies and equipment in the field of water processing of drinking, household and industrial purposes in a wide range of concentrations. The company was created in 2022. In order to commercialize and develop own developments and technical solutions in the interests of the national economy of the Russian Federation, he is a member of the collaboration with the Bulgarian company ETECH ENGINEERING LTD, one of the founders of which was one of the founders of which was the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, candidate of technical sciences, samples of S.V., author numerous patents and inventions. The main type of activity of the company is the development and implementation of complex water treatment technologies, cleaning and separation of various liquid media using combined mesy -reagent electrochemical membrane methods in combination with baromembrack and active oxidative effects on the liquid.

In production, the company uses the development of famous Soviet, Russian scientists who have made a significant contribution to the development of atomic and thermal energy, life support systems of manned cosmonautics.

The team of the company is a team of universal universities, leading universities in Russia, who for a long time developed and developed technologies in the field of non -stationary electrochemical membrane processes for various areas of the national economy - from hydrometallurgy and water treatment to selective extraction of valuable chemical elements from solutions. The company has a powerful scientific, practical and methodological base for engineering, research and project activities, the successful implementation of high-tech and high-tech projects.

The company provides the following types of services:

- study of the object;

- designing the necessary technological chain and selection of equipment

- designing equipment depending on the technical specifications;

- manufacture of equipment and spare parts;

- supply of equipment;

- installation work;

- introduction to production;

- training;

- supply of consumables, components and spare parts;

- Service maintenance of equipment.

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